Kindnet description

What is Kindnet?

Kindnet is a new social network that stands out from the rest by two strong concepts. Like any social network, it is based on user profile creation, BUT:

  1.     The profile holder does not have the right to act on his own profile. Only people who know him and who are part of his social network (professional, family, friendly ...) have the right to post photos, and comments and therefore to build his profile.
  2.     Only positive comments are accepted. It is not a question of denigrating or insulting anyone.

Why Kindnet?

Narcissism, individualism ... in spite of means of communication which have never been so numerous, our epoch is characterized by a withdrawal into oneself, by a search for "friends", often virtual through the existing social networks.

The beautiful part is also made to the aggressive words. The anonymity of the Net allows the expression of hateful, insulting, discriminatory feelings that often take precedence over the natural discretion of more positive thoughts.

Kindnet puts the REAL human touch at the center of interpersonal relationships. It is a protected space where positive expression is possible and natural between individuals who really know each other, who frequent or meet each other.

Using Kindnet allows us to see our environment in a different light. It does not erase the violence of the world, we know it exists. The expression of our positive feelings towards each other allows us to realize that there are in the end, every day, many opportunities to rejoice and turn to others.

The other feeling that led to the creation of Kindnet is the natural need for recognition we have. We love to think of the good of us, and we love it to be expressed, and recognized.

How to use Kindnet?

The principle is extremely simple. It is about expressing a positive and simple feeling towards a person, writing a brief message, and possibly including a photo. This message, which will find its place in one of the five existing categories (friends, family, knowledge, professional, leisure) will then be published on the profile of the recipient.

If the person already has a Kindnet profile, you can easily find it in existing accounts. If this is not the case, simply enter the first name, last name and email address of the person to submit the creation of a Kindnet profile. The latter will of course have all leisure to accept, or refuse.

You will be notified of a new message posted on your profile. If, despite the good will of the author, this message does not please you, you can immediately delete it.

How was Kindnet created?

The initial idea came from Samuel Chauvier, a communication teacher in the Department of Enterprise and Government Management (GEA) at the IUT de Troyes. Enthusiastically inspired by the concept as simple as innovative, Jérôme Landré, a colleague Master of Conference in Computer Science of the Department of Multimedia and Internet was immediately associated with him. The duo quickly evolved into a trio with the participation of Pauline Rime, herself a graduate of the GEA department and an HR master, who took over the administrative back office. The two teachers decided their departments as well as the Technical Department of Communication to associate with them by allowing students to participate in the Kindnet project. Julien and Etienne (MMI) contributed greatly to the creation of Kindnet by developing the site such professionals when they were only ... 2nd year of DUT.